What is Honey Pot?

Honey Pot ($HON) is one of the utility tokens of the Polar Clash universe. Only Astro Bear (wearing a full set of steel suits) can make Honey Pot. Every Astro Bear can make 200 Honey Pot a day. As the Polar Clash universe grows, more Honey Pot applications will be added.

You can use Honey Pot to...

Claim another bear at Mystery Rocket Box.

Apply in GameFi.

Other applications will be added...

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I claim my Honey Pot?

You can claim Honey Pot under the tab "My Bears" by following the steps below:

  • Click on "CLAIM" and a transaction will pop up in Metamask that needs to be confirmed.
  • When the transaction is successfully completed, you will receive Honey Pot in your Metamask wallet.

*Make sure to not cheap out on gas and do not spam the "CLAIM" button.

Why my bears didn’t make any Honey Pot?

Only the "Astro Bears" in Mystery Rocket Box-Astro Series: Astro (wearing a full set of steel suits) can make Honey Pot.

What is the total supply of Honey Pot ($HON)?

Each Astro Bear can make 2,000 Honey Pot a day. There are 219,000,000 $HON in total supply.

I didn't have any Astro Bear, is there another way to get Honey Pot?

We didn’t supply another way to get Honey Pot, but you can check if an Astro Bear is on sale at Opensea.io. Or you can get Honey Pot directly on Uniswap.

How do I claim another bear at Mystery Rocket Box?

Some of Mystery Rocket Box can be Claimed via "Breeding". All you need are any two Bears and a minimum of 200 Honey Pot to start breeding. There is no maximum limit on how many times each Bear can breed.

If you have two or more bears and enough Honey Pot, click on "CONFIRM", and a Metamask transaction will pop up to be confirmed.

*Please make sure do not cheap out on gas fees and do not spam the "CONFIRM" button. Otherwise, your transaction may get stuck!

With enough Honey Pot, you can breed multiple times, without a cool-down.

After the transaction is confirmed, you will see the Bears immediately, and more details can be seen under the tab "My Bears".

My transaction fee is a few thousand dollars! What happened?

When the blockchain tries to push an impossible transaction, Metamask will show a ridiculously high fee.

So do not try repeating unconfirmed transactions and make sure to have enough Honey Pot for your desired transaction.

What are the contract addresses?

Astro Bear Contract:0x627f965f26Ed4A9E46782d4b20DF6C9E2c2A88aE

Honey Pot Contract:0x9CB3B46b276b20852BF487A82668C42Df4fB9577